Ylang Ylang Luxury Candle

YLANG YLANG Luxury Candle – 100% Soy Wax

Ylang Ylang Luxury Candle

The smell of this relaxing, calming and refreshing essential oil is used for memory and thinking skills. Tts aphrodisiac properties increase sexual desire. Ylang-ylang smells like other tropical and exotic scents in that it’s heady, a little spicy and slightly floral with a memorable sweetness.


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Ylang Ylang Luxury Candle With Essential Oils Specifically Design. 

Sensual and exotic Ylang Ylang is renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. Candle Ylang ylang means ‘flower of flowers’ and that itself conjures up romance!

  • Exclusive Gift Box with Silver Logo, very chic
  • Specifically designed for use in areas where light but still well-perceived perfume is desired.
  • The combination of the finest Greek Natural Soy Wax with the High-class FLEUR fragrances leads to a distinctive fragrance experience, which is characterized by an optimal fragrance connection and a long burning time
  • All of our candles are scented with high quality essential oils

An all-time favorite blend of ylang ylang blossoms make this scent a stimulating one! Exquisitely blended with aromatic spices and sweet heady florals giving this scent a touch of bold femininity.


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