Vanilla Cream Scented Candles

VANILLA CREAM Luxury Scented Candles – 100% Soy Wax

Vanilla cream Scented Candles

Strongly scented using high quality fragrance oils. 100% soy wax provides a clean burning candle. Sweet and traditional, the essence of vanilla extracted from tropical orchids. Our exclusive blend of pure soy wax and fiber wicks that won’t burn out allow you to use the entire candle.





Vanilla cream Luxury Scented Candles With Essential Oils Specifically Design. 

Vanilla is known for its beneficial properties on the nervous system, since it relieves anxiety and stress. Enriched with clean, natural scent releases a sweet fragrance retains its intensity both before and during combustion. The clean and smokeless combustion gives unique moments either relaxing or entertaining or just enjoying your home.

Vanilla cream Luxury Candle

  • Exclusive Gift Box with Silver Logo, very chic
  • Specifically designed for use in areas where light but still well-perceived perfume is desired.
  • The combination of the finest Greek Natural Soy Wax with the High-class FLEUR fragrances leads to a distinctive fragrance experience, which is characterized by an optimal fragrance connection and a long burning time
  • High intensity, highly concentrated with top quality essential oils along with 100% soy wax

Weather you are alone at home, with your beloved one or with friends, the scented candles are always warm and friendly.  With this pleasant scent of vanilla cream the atmosphere will be cozy.
Burning a scented candle at home is an extremely simple way to diffuse an agreeable fragrance in our house or flat and to feel good.



Barcode: 5212012806876


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