Nephele Bracelet

This cuff is made from 24k gold plated brass and so has a intensive yellow colour than 14k gold. This gives it an added luminosity and glow that makes it stand out. It has been hammered to create an organic, rustic texture that makes it look as if it has already been comfortably worn. The edges have been smoothed out and polished and contrast with the overall matte finish of the hammered design.



This square style gold cuff bracelet looks amazing on the wrist. Its hammered design is a nice addition to any outfit from casual to elegant styles. Because the cuff has a simple & timeless design, it looks good by itself and when combined with other bracelets or jewelry, as well.


Gender: Women
Color: Yellow gold (as pictured)
Material: Gold-plated (24k) brass
Bracelet width: 6.3mm – 0.25″
Bracelet size: 58.2mm – 2.3″

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