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Men Discovery Set

Experience five Luxury Perfume Men scents by Fleur Parfumerie. Start sampling today and discover the world of fragrance you never knew existed. They’re something different, something you don’t see everywhere, rare and hard to find. The opposite of a mass-produced designer celebrity fragrance, or what everyone else is wearing. They’re inspired by emotions. Hand crafted. Made with rare and hard to find ingredients. They’re constructed in a way that is typical. They’re exclusive



Discovery Perfume Men Set of 5 Eau de Parfum

Discover cult classic perfume men from the FLEUR House in this online classic Men’s Discovery Set. Complete with five interchangeable glass fragrance vials of our leading men’s fragrances; Bo, Raphael, Tendre, Blaise Nero, this limited edition fragrance set also includes a 1.5ml Eau de Parfum.

Perfect for switching up your fragrance depending on your mood, the Fleur Perfume Men Set is also ideal for testing scents on your skin.

The ultimate way to discover a new scent for your fragrance wardrobe or a luxurious gift for your loved one, this men’s fragrance set comes encased in a beautifully crafted Fleur collectors box. When the vials have finished, top up your favorite selected scent with a Fleur 30ml,  50ml or 100ml splash bottle of choice.

If you’re searching for a new signature scent, Fleur ‘Discovery‘ set is one of the best places to start the journey. It’s complete with five of the brand’s most-loved Eau de Parfums, which took master perfumers as long as two years each to perfect.

They’re bottled in eco-friendly vials that easily slip into your clutch or makeup bag. Each vial has enough fragrance to use multiple times. We pride ourselves on making scents that are high-quality, distinct, and most importantly, fairly priced. Each fragrance in the Men’s Discovery Set will allow you to indulge in beautiful blends of floral, woody and oriental scents.

Whether you are are looking for an everyday fragrance or a special occasion fragrance,  the Discovery Set has something for everyone and every occasion.





BO:   A combination of radical freshness. It stands out with the sparkling, fruity-fresh scent of bergamot, and leaves behind a woody note of ambrox. Rough and elegant at the same time. Ultra sexy and masculine.

RAPHAEL  This sensual and erotic scent encourages true performance. Even in the unique creation of the fragrance were used selected ingredients, which associate the heroism and the victory. While the invigorating head note captivates with fresh and citrus nuances of grapefruit peels and orange blossoms, the triumphal character of “Raphael” fragrance is already evident in the heart.

TENDRE  A gently spicy fragrance for men. A true pampering by strong earthy notes of vetiver and cedar in composition with fine spices and a hint of bitter grapefruit. A uniqueness that gives every man the necessary dose of elegance. Pure luxury in combination with elegant class.

BLAISE This fragrance can be worn any time in the cooler or colder months and formal occasions during the warmer times of the year. The smell of “Blaise” is so warm, attractive, and seductive. It is also the perfect perfume for men who don’t usually wear a fragrance beyond their deodorant

NERO  A casual, brisk fragrance spiked with heightened notes of freshness and sensuality. Dynamic scent to spray generously all over the body. This scent is perfect because it is unique and not overpowering. The crystal clear beginning introduces notes of water and aldehydes. It is followed by the woodsy and spicy character of the fragrance, which thanks to luminous cedar is not oriental heavy, but light and translucent.

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