Jasmine Luxury Soy Candle

JASMINE Soy Candle – 100% Soy Wax – Luxury Scented Candles

In this scented soy candle, the luxury shouldn’t just be in the scent but should pervade through the look and feel of the product. This Jasmine soy candle is made from high quality white-tinted heavy glass packaged in an exclusive signature box with gold & silver detailing.



Jasmine Luxury Soy Candle With Essential Oils Specifically Design.  

A pure and sensual flower charm, with intense smell of jasmine. Scent of jasmine is ideal for the whole year and for almost all areas. It is amazing, when you want to create a very relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

  • Exclusive Gift Box with Silver Logo, very chic
  • Specifically designed for use in areas where light but still well-perceived perfume is desired.
  • The combination of the finest Greek Natural Wax with the High-class FLEUR fragrances leads to a distinctive fragrance experience, which is characterized by an optimal fragrance connection and a long burning time
  • All of our candles are scented with essential oils

Jasmine high quality essential oils are touted as a natural remedy for stress that are sure to fill your home with a strong heady, long-lasting scent helping you unwind at the end of the day.

  • 100% SOY WAX – Made using lead-free cotton wicks and premium, soft, highly-refined perfume-grade essential oils and pure soy wax to bring you a biodegradable and eco-friendly product that will give you a clean burn and long-lasting hours of aromatic bliss. Paraben and cruelty free!

Jasmine oil is an essential oil derived from the white flowers of the common jasmine plant. Its components have properties that offer a number of health benefits. Though it’s a popular home remedy used to treat everything from depression to infections and it’s best known as an aphrodisiac.



Barcode: 5212012806821


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