Fleurissimo Zamak Bracelet

This solid gold-plated with zamak & flatback enamel bracelet is shaped into a flattering curve and has an eye-catching hammered finish.
This simple hand-wrought design is perfect for adding a dash of glamour to the wrist.



As a stunning creation from the house FLEUR, this Fleurissimo bracelet is created to symbolize classic & elegance, it combines boldness with modern design.
Set beautiful on the bracelet is a hammered design. It will fit your wrist easily as it designed in an open cuff style. 
We think it makes a stunning addition to your accessory collection. 


Gender: Women
Color: Yellow gold
Setting: Flatback enamel black
Material: 24ct gold plated Zamak (zinc alloy)

Bracelet Width: 6mm
Bracelet Size: S
Circumference: 60mm
Weight: 13g

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Materials & Finishing's

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