Fleur Necklace Pendant

Enriched with a sparkling, timeless elegance, this unique hand-crafted Fleur Necklace is a beauty.
It features a flower pendant like our bands name, hanging of a ring base with black enamel setting.



The scented Flower Necklace is inspired by FLEUR and it creates a new way to wear, and to layer our favorite FLEUR fragrance. 
Pair with smart casual outfits for a sophisticated look


Chain length: 80 cm.
Flower Pendant: 38 mm x 38 mm
Ring base: 20 mm x 20 mm
Material: gold-plated (24K) stainless steel
Weight: 22 g.
Cord: 5 mm / black / scented
Closure: lobster clasp

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Materials & Finishing's

We design and craft hand-finished quality jewelry, a genuine collection of handcrafted timeless pieces using premium materials and semi-precious stones


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