Ceramic diffuser Essential Oil White

Essential Oil Diffuser – White

Ceramic diffuser:

Discover our Ceramic Diffuser, they are tastefully designed to add a touch of beauty to any space while affixing a lasting aroma.


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Ceramic diffuser Essential Oil Three Colors – White. Discover our Ceramic Diffuser, they are tastefully designed to add a touch of beauty to any space while affixing a lasting aroma.  Scent your home naturally with the help of this ceramic diffuser, and take advantage of the unique properties of the essential oils and aromatherapy. With their beneficial properties, the essential oils can help you relax, feel invigorated after a hard day or concentrate during a task that requires metal clarity.

Ceramic diffuser Essential Oil 

  • Fill pot with water. Add 3-10 drops of essential oils. Light the candle and place it under the pot and enjoy the perfume spreading into the room as the water becomes warm.
  • Use one of Fleur essential oil blends: time to relax, refresh, sweet home or create your own combinations of essential oils.
  • Caution: Essential oils are flammable. Make sure the device always contains water while it is lit. Never leave burning diffuser unattended. Do not touch or move the diffuser while burning. Avoid continuous use in areas not adequately ventilated.

The development of a signature scent is a long way trip, generally lasting between 6 and 18 months. Each fragrance starts with a dream, inspiration from a real history or moments, an “orchestra theme” which can either take the form of a material base – the mix of two or three raw materials, like an initial note at the whole music project – or of an initial feeling, the desire to translate or convey a specific emotion. From there, the perfumers gradually build a full-scale composition, tinkering and problem-solving until a perfect balance achieve.
The challenge is to polish and perfect without losing the impact and personality of the original idea.

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