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    Classy & Fresh

    The classy honey rose notes of “Anglais” Premium Fragrance , in an unprecedented fresh & floral scent blend, will make the token of your femininity, thanks to its unsurpassed fragrance that will last all day long.

    Feel charming, feminine and radiate confidence with a luxury lady’s perfume with floral and fruity flavors, which will make the synonym o f your uniqueness. Heavenly sandalwood, patchouli and musk form the base, which is spiced up with jasmine, tiare flower and clementine mist and topped with honeysuckle and tangerine notes, in a divine fresh & heavy fragrance that will impress.

    Leave your mark with a fresh flowery & rose perfume!


    Luxurious & Elegant

    A luxurious women’s fragrance that captures the sumptuous essence of coconut mixed with light white flowers and vanilla cream.
    This enticing fragrance for women brings you in with the vibrant citrusy essences of bergamot and mandarin orange notes. Rich notes of jasmine, African orange flower, magnolia and myrrh comprise the heart of this fragrance while notes of amber, caramel and sandalwood add an earthy woody warmth to the mix.


    Classic & Feminine

    The now and forever fragrance. The ultimate in femininity. It is quite strong at first spray, but after a few minutes, as the fragrance has time to settle it becomes very beautiful, elegant and timeless. When you wear it, you may be thinking of perfected hair, stunning makeup, and a woman who is a force to be reckoned with. It is hard to find another woman who smells like you when you wear this.


    Creamy & Powdery

    A brand new smell from FLEUR Parfumerie. A powdery perfume for women, soft and sensual inspired by the smell of powder, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, lily of the valley and cashmere. The intensity of powder and cleanliness is so long that it lasts. And of course, it is something you will see in your clothes as well returning slowly home after a busy day.


    Delicate & Romantic

    “Pour Elle” is an extraordinary fragrance that cannot be compared with any other Premium Perfumes and therefore makes the wearer this Eau de Parfum an extravagant appearance.
    It is one of the most special and unusual scents. “Pour Elle” is a fragrance that stands out. Very modern airy romantic, for a woman who wants to stand out and be happy. The woman who wears it, always conveys a pleasant aura around.

  • THEA

    Elegant & Strong

    “Thea” seduces the crowds and gives you real goddess air. Nothing can resist your passage. Makes the woman who wears it charming and unique with confidence. The petal-soft pink of the juice evokes graceful femininity and fresh beginnings.