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    Charming & Fresh

    Sweet and gourmand notes of popcorn and caramel in the heart,  so unusual, make this fragrance appealing to youngsters.

    It is the perfume that adorns the modern but at the same time romantic woman. A special touch of luxury that every woman needs to charm. It coexists in the glow of the personality as well as a special piece of jewelry.


    Bright & Breezy

    This perfume is lovely. It smells very fresh, almost masculine at the beginning and after it settles to a citrus woodsy scent. It smells so clean that you will love it. It is also that kind of perfume that if you don’t know what scent to wear, it will never disappoint you.
    Apply Bleu Clair every time you want to feel like you’re stepped onto a sizzling beach.


    Intimate & Delicate

    A creation of FLEUR, this marvelous women’s fragrance reflects the fine stamp of excellence. Classified as an Woody-Dry-Oriental composition, Bonheur wows with a uniquely exuberant blend featuring orange and lemon citrus, vintage violet, lively fir and pink pepper. Released in 2004, this magical fragrance is bewitching, feminine and timeless.


    Sweet & Bitter

    This classical, intensive, feminine aroma belongs to the group of aldehyde-floral  premium perfumes.

    The composition is based on contrasts: sweet & bitter – feminine & masculine.
    The top notes are citrusy-aromatic and include bergamot, mandarin, basil and aldehydes – a rather strong opening.
    The heart is feminine floral created of jasmine, floral-spicy carnation, sweet orange blossom and ylang-ylang.
    Silky cashmere in the base is complemented with the sweet and balsamic notes of vanilla, Tonka bean and musk.

    This aromatic fragrance is recommended for evening wear and special occasions.


    Soft & Powdery

    This feminine scent blends the citrusy notes of lemon and bergamot with sweet mimosa and the floral tone of violet, freesia and jasmine creating an aroma that’s sure to grab attention.

    The fragrance for her is ideal for spring or summer wear, so spray it on before heading out for a day of shopping or a day at the beach with friends.


    Elegant & Romantic

    Floris Premium Perfume heralds itself radiant and explosive with a sweet yet refined top note of neroli and papaya flowers. The heart note is determined by lush, white amaryllis.

    In the base note, Floris leaves a sensual, soft aftertaste, a lasting impression with musk and cashmere.


    Feminine & Sensual

    Mysterious and mesmerizing, extravagant and bewitching, “Hypnotique” is a magic potion for modern times. Audacious and profoundly feminine, the fragrance is an unsettling harmony, a fusion of contrasting olfactory facets.


    Erotic & Passionate

    Discover the secret of female seduction – passionate, absolutely beguiling and yet full of innocence.

    At the beginning you are allured by fresh notes of mandarin, orange blossom, fruity bergamot and jasmine, then white flowers come in, erotic and intoxicating, while sandalwood and amber give it depth.

    Ifinoe Eau de Parfum delights with complex composition and incredible harmony.


    Expressive & Glamorous

    For the self-confident woman who always gets what she wants: Jolie Premium Perfume is a radiant, lively fragrance by FLEUR that exudes femininity and glittering glamor. This honey-sweet fragrance embodies strength and elegance, while the lovely nuances of the magnificent bouquet of flowers flatter the virtues of the lady of the world.

    It is definitely a daytime scent for every season, especially for fall and winter. It is perfect for anyone that wants to feel fresh and sophisticated. Maybe even luxurious. It is like champagne mixed with a taste of honey.

    Become a “Jolie” Women in a very unique way and immerse yourself in the world of glamor!


    Powdery & Musky

    Love Poudre Premium Perfume is like traveling into a dream world. Its unmistakable scent aura stands for the moment when a dream becomes possible. The light and gentle flair of Love Poudre is reminiscent of the caressing haze over a bed made of wood and musk herbs. After opening with jasmine and star anise, Love Poudre develops a musky floral aroma with fresh notes of rose and freesia. The scent of white musk is even warmer thanks to its woody note and a hint of almond.


    Glamorous & Elegant

    Marie is a floral-aldehyde fragrance for women with a touch of flowers. It is suitable for women who prefer safety and quality.

    First you will be enchanted by the essences of bergamot, powdery honeysuckle, aldehyde and banana. The classic sweet notes of jasmine and rose symbolize the French style and charm.

    The unique mixture of essential musk, sandalwood and heliotrope envelop your body for a long time.