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  • ROSEMARY Essential Oil – 100% Pure

    Rosemary is an aromatic, evergreen shrub whose leaves are frequently used to flavor foods such as stuffing, pork, chicken and turkey. Long revered, Rosemary was considered sacred by the ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Hebrew cultures. Rosemary’s herbaceous and energizing scent is frequently used in massage and aroma therapy.

    It relaxes the nervous system and gives a feeling of relaxation after a tiring day. Rosemary essential oil heals headaches and migraines. It’s amazing tonic for hair. It also helps in the prevention and treatment of dandruff.

    This evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean region. It is a member of the mint family. With its distinctive herbaceous fragrance, has been used for centuries for a variety of health and beauty benefits. From mental to physical health, from the garden to skincare, our Rosemary is a must have in your collection.