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    Bright & Breezy

    This perfume is lovely. It smells very fresh, almost masculine at the beginning and after it settles to a citrus woodsy scent. It smells so clean that you will love it. It is also that kind of perfume that if you don’t know what scent to wear, it will never disappoint you.
    Apply Bleu Clair every time you want to feel like you’re stepped onto a sizzling beach.


    Erotic & Passionate

    Discover the secret of female seduction – passionate, absolutely beguiling and yet full of innocence.

    At the beginning you are allured by fresh notes of mandarin, orange blossom, fruity bergamot and jasmine, then white flowers come in, erotic and intoxicating, while sandalwood and amber give it depth.

    Ifinoe Eau de Parfum delights with complex composition and incredible harmony.


    Glamorous & Elegant

    Marie is a floral-aldehyde fragrance for women with a touch of flowers. It is suitable for women who prefer safety and quality.

    First you will be enchanted by the essences of bergamot, powdery honeysuckle, aldehyde and banana. The classic sweet notes of jasmine and rose symbolize the French style and charm.

    The unique mixture of essential musk, sandalwood and heliotrope envelop your body for a long time.