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  • BLAISE Men’s Perfume – Sensual & Sophisticated

    Blaise Men’s Perfume Premium Woody Oriental. 

    The combination of elegance and seduction, boldness and restraint, masculinity and modernity, intensity and subtlety. A refined, caressing and irresistible composition that gradually unfolds all its facets on the skin. Beguiling notes that underline the strong and successful personality of each man individually.

    This elegant fragrance is just as sensual as sophisticated, with an oriental touch. FLEUR presents the composition in a sophisticated and profound way. Gradually, it unfolds all its exciting facets on the skin. Fresh lemon meets delicate bergamot and olive blossom. Light tobacco, Guaiac wood and Tonka bean complete the combination of these noble aromas. A fragrance for self-confident gentlemen who like to surround themselves with a mysterious aura.

    This Men's Perfume is a timeless, versatile choice for the man who transitions seamlessly between his professional and personal life. 
  • BO Premium Men Perfume- Ultra Sexy & Masculine

    “Bo” Men Perfume is a radically fresh composition that is raw and noble all at once. By wearing this perfume, you look like a man who transcends time and fashion. It is long lasting and will provide you with lot of compliments.

  • Discovery Set Perfume Men – 5 Luxury Scents

    Experience five Luxury Perfume Men scents by Fleur Parfumerie. Start sampling today and discover the world of fragrance you never knew existed. They’re something different, something you don’t see everywhere, rare and hard to find. The opposite of a mass-produced designer celebrity fragrance, or what everyone else is wearing. They’re inspired by emotions. Hand crafted. Made with rare and hard to find ingredients. They’re constructed in a way that is typical. They’re exclusive

  • NERO Men’s Fragrance – Exciting & Elegant

    Nero” Men’s Fragrance offers men everywhere the perfect citrus-marine solution to match any outfit, and to help them stand out while taking care of errands, getting to work or hitting the town for the evening. Top notes of aldehydes, orange and red tangerine introduce wearers and those surrounding them to this one-of-a-kind experience. These work alongside core notes of pepper, neroli and cedar and base notes of Tonka bean, vanilla, amber, elemi resin and musk to make a smooth experience.


  • RAPHAEL Perfume for Men – Fresh & Masculine 50ML

    The new perfume for men “Raphael” goes all out and dares to do the balancing act between unique freshness and vibrant sensuality.

    In this fragrance for characters, two seductive forces come together: pure ecstasy and sensuality with an addictive factor.

    Bright citrus notes of mandarin orange and grapefruit combine with the bite of Guaiacum wood and green, lightly floral notes of jasmine and patchouli intertwine in this masculine scent. 

    This fragrance is made for real men who can take on anything and everything and who are willing to give everything to win.

  • TENDRE Men Perfumes Warm & Spicy

    Tendre Men Perfumes Premium Woody and  Intensive. 

    The warm appearance and density of woody notes combined with gentle neroli and radiant patchouli. “Tendre” describes the relationship between man and earth. His dialogue with nature and the elements is characterized by humility and harmony. “Tendre” is the perfume that connects man with his origins and the source of his creativity.