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    Masculine & Optimistic

    Aaron the strong, dynamic Eau de Parfum for Men that also fascinates women, exudes an aura of strength, power and success.

    This fragrance is infused with black currant, bergamot and pineapple, and its floral notes include jasmine, rose and patchouli, which blend together to create an aroma that’s  bold, slightly sweet and masculine.
    When you wear this provocative fragrance, you’ll exude an aura of confidence and power.


  • Abraxas Bracelet

    Inspired by vintage jewelry, this modern style regularly showcases one-piece bracelets. Because there are no moving parts, the classic cuff bracelet is one of the most durable bracelets on the market. If you are looking for a durable bracelet that successfully combines a vintage look with modern fashion trends, this gold classic cuff bracelet is an excellent choice.

  • Alectrona Bangle Bracelet

    Go elegant with this chic open cuff bracelet.
    Featuring the hammered surface, this beautiful 24k gold plated piece is a must have.
    Lend refined elegance to your wrist with this fashionable and exquisite piece.


    Floral & Fresh

    “Amphore” is an extraordinary perfume, because it takes on the challenge of being uncomplicatedly seductive and at the same time having an individual signature. Sensual, but not difficult. It is a composition that combines opposites and creates a captivating, new and mysterious fragrance from legendary floral notes.

    This perfume embodies the ultimate expression of femininity and luxury. The smell of “Amphore” is really lovely. It doesn’t feel overwhelming. It has fresh notes, and over time it warms up to a soft, floral musk.
    Irresistibly intoxicating magnolia is matched with tart bergamot, crisp pear, luscious pear, and refreshing melon.

  • Andromeda Bracelet

    Consider this chain style cuff bracelet from FLEUR Maison a timeless addition to your collection.


    Classy & Fresh

    The classy honey rose notes of “Anglais” Premium Fragrance , in an unprecedented fresh & floral scent blend, will make the token of your femininity, thanks to its unsurpassed fragrance that will last all day long.

    Feel charming, feminine and radiate confidence with a luxury lady’s perfume with floral and fruity flavors, which will make the synonym o f your uniqueness. Heavenly sandalwood, patchouli and musk form the base, which is spiced up with jasmine, tiare flower and clementine mist and topped with honeysuckle and tangerine notes, in a divine fresh & heavy fragrance that will impress.

    Leave your mark with a fresh flowery & rose perfume!

  • Aphrodite Floral Bracelet

    Arriving in gold-toned brass this fine & chic chain bracelet curves around the wrist with an elegant style buckle chain.

  • Athena Bracelet

    It’s made from gold-toned brass in an open design featuring the Greek Mythology style in prime position.

  • Ballerina Curve Ring

    Made from 24k yellow gold-plated brass, it comes with a curved band design and can prove to be the perfect gift for your loved one on a special day.

  • Bamboo Gold Bracelet

    A minimalist and elegant gold cuff bracelet with a bamboo pattern that goes around the bracelet. The bracelet has a polished finish that shines and reflects light beautifully. The colour of the bracelet is extremely close to 24K gold, making it very hard to tell apart from any real gold jewelry. You can wear the bamboo cuff alone, or with other bracelets to create a trendy stacked look


    Charming & Fresh

    Sweet and gourmand notes of popcorn and caramel in the heart,  so unusual, make this fragrance appealing to youngsters.

    It is the perfume that adorns the modern but at the same time romantic woman. A special touch of luxury that every woman needs to charm. It coexists in the glow of the personality as well as a special piece of jewelry.


    Sensual & Sophisticated

    The combination of elegance and seduction, boldness and restraint, masculinity and modernity, intensity and subtlety. A refined, caressing and irresistible composition that gradually unfolds all its facets on the skin. Beguiling notes that underline the strong and successful personality of each man individually.

    This elegant fragrance is just as sensual as sophisticated, with an oriental touch. FLEUR presents the composition in a sophisticated and profound way. Gradually, it unfolds all its exciting facets on the skin. Fresh lemon meets delicate bergamot and olive blossom. Light tobacco, Guaiac wood and Tonka bean complete the combination of these noble aromas. A fragrance for self-confident gentlemen who like to surround themselves with a mysterious aura.

    This Men's Perfume is a timeless, versatile choice for the man who transitions seamlessly between his professional and personal life. 

    Bright & Breezy

    This perfume is lovely. It smells very fresh, almost masculine at the beginning and after it settles to a citrus woodsy scent. It smells so clean that you will love it. It is also that kind of perfume that if you don’t know what scent to wear, it will never disappoint you.
    Apply Bleu Clair every time you want to feel like you’re stepped onto a sizzling beach.

  • BO

    Ultra Sexy & Masculine

    “Bo” Men Perfume is a radically fresh composition that is raw and noble all at once. By wearing this perfume, you look like a man who transcends time and fashion. It is long lasting and will provide you with lot of compliments.


    Extravagant & Feminine

    “Bogna” Premium Perfume plays with the tension between the intense darkness and glare. It is so sensual and seductive and then there’s that light side of this scent that’s so clean and fresh! It is also like a shot of pure energy.  Feminine and sensual, irresistible, impulsive, rock yet chic, a woman free from social conventions seeking adventure and lives her life intensely. Only this woman could wear this forbidden adrenaline juice which leads to addiction.


    Sweet & Orientale

    Bonbons” is instantly seductive wrapped in impulsive charm. It takes you on a walk on the wild side, showing you a new facet of femininity where more is more and excess is everything. Magnified by white musk together with a modern caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature.