Do you know how to wear fragrance in the summer?

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Do you know how to wear fragrance in the summer?

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Not only sunscreen and sunglasses, but a good perfume is also essential in summer to beat the heat. However, when it comes to the sun and perfume, there are some things that you really need to be aware of. Here is how to wear perfume in the warmer months…

  • Don’t wear perfume on your skin

The first thing that you need to know is that you don’t want to wear perfume on your skin in the warmer months, especially on the exposed skin. Perfumes contain alcohol which is extremely photosensitive in nature. When you apply perfume to your exposed skin, it might result in developing dark patches on the skin which will look like ‘bunch of leopard spots’ on the skin.

  • Fabrics and hair holds scent wonderfully

Do you know that our freshly washed hair is a great perfume carrier? After washing your hair in the morning, apply your favorite perfume to the ends of your hair while it is still wet. This way, when you move your hair around, the scents will be released into the air.

Also, after getting dressed in your favorite outfit, spritz some of your favorite perfume in your cleavage. Be sure you spray it down deep enough so the perfume is not exposed to the sun.

  • Perfumes suitable for summer

For summer, choose something fresh and natural. The best perfume notes for summer would be citrus, fruity, aquatic, woody or light floral notes.

  • Apply body products

Invest in a couple of bath and body products of your favorite perfume which will stay as a layer on the skin. Start with a body wash, then follow up with a body lotion and finally a light spray of your perfume.


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