Did you know that you can influence your mood by putting different perfumes?

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Did you know that you can influence your mood by putting different perfumes?

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It is a reality that before leaving home you never forget to wear your perfume. It offers you a personal pleasure and beautiful smell around. However, without knowing, this habit significantly affects your psychological state depending on the fragrance that gives off your perfume.


Fragrances have the potential to calm down or stimulate us, make our good or bad mood stronger, but also create positive or negative memories. Really, think for a moment how many times you have smelled a fragrance and immediately get images from someone or a situation.


  • Do you want a lively and positive mood?

The fragrance notes of citrus, lemon and peppermint increase the awareness of our minds and senses. They are ideal for the early hours as they awaken the brain, increase the pace of our work, and in general will positively affect our mood.


  • Want to help your concentration?

Floral fragrances help in gathering, but at the same time offer a sense of freshness, rejuvenation and emphasize your femininity.


  • Want to overcome the feeling of tiredness?

Wood notes such as oak or cedar relieve fatigue as they urge the brain to experience the same feelings of well-being as if we enjoyed a walk in the woods. Although these notes are mainly found in men’s fragrances, there are also women’s fragrances with wood notes.


  • Want to feel romantic and sexy?

Oriental fragrances contain warm notes such as vanilla, calf, amber which wake up erotic mood. These notes have the capacity to become much more intense when body temperature rises. That’s why it’s best to spray with perfume at places where there is intense blood circulation such as the throat, the elbows and knees.


Now that you know that perfumes can affect your mood, you understand why you should not just have one choice when it’s time to scent!!!

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